Moving In

Moving in to your new home.

Arrangements will be made for you to officially sign the Tenancy Agreement, pay the remaining monies due and to collect keys.

Most Landlords require us to carry out an official ‘Check-In’ of the property.  We compile a report of the condition of the flat or house and take meter readings. The utility boards are then informed of your name, move in date and the readings taken.

If we manage the property you contact us direct if there are problems with the property and we also carry out a quarterly inspection of the property. If the Landlord self-manages themselves, you will be given contact details to report to. Of course we’re here to help to in case of emergencies.

Ideally, rents are payable by Standing Order, you simply sign a form instructing your bank to pay us.  These are normally dated 3 days before your rent is due to allow for banking transactions.